Social Responsbility

Grupo Diarq is a socially responsible company which is heavily invested in philanthropy. The Group has established four foundations with diverse goals:

Fundación Diarq:

Its mission is to work in favor of women and children who find themselves victims of domestic violence. The foundation gives them proper medical and psychological attention and the educational, legal and social tools they need to regain control of their situation and achieve a dignified life free of violence.

Protection Against Turtle Harm (P.A.T.H.): A protected turtle sanctuary in Los Cabos, Mexico which guards the natural habitat of local turtle species.

Pro-Educación CENTRO: A foundation bequeathing scholarships to deserving students wishing to study design, film or television.

Chatis: A business-to-business foundation whose objective is to support a diverse assortment of foundations.

Gramos de Conciencia:

A not-for-profit organization that fuses design with social responsibility and altruism. Its mission to inspire and positively affect people is reflected in the fact that with each purchase of these products a dontation will be made to disadvantaged individuals and groups.


Fundación Diarq
Susana Franklin

P.A.T.H y Chatis
Mariana de Leon

Pro-Educación CENTRO
Kerstin Scheuch

Gramos de Conciencia
Rodrigo Fernández