CENTRO of Design, Film and Television is an institute of higher education located in Mexico City offering degrees in:

Interior Architecture
Film and Television
Visual Communication
Industrial Design
Textile and Fashion Design
Design in Digital Media
Marketing and Advertising

CENTRO´S vision is to offer the infrastructure and the human talent necessary to facilitate creative expression and to develop generations of innovators, visionaries, and leaders. CENTRO looks to fill a need for creative education in Mexico and to provide its students with the opportunity to challenge the limits of possibility.

Who are we?

Dalia Empower is a global lifelong education project that supports women to reach their personal and professional goals.

At Dalia we recognize that inequality affects women, and we are convinced that this inequality can be overcome by recognizing our inner power to trigger our personal transformation. We are inspired by those who seek to conquer their personal situations, so we created a global community to accompany you while you discover your potential and achieve your goals.


Our facilities are designed to respond to each woman’s learning objectives. We care for and know our customers, and have therefore designed several ‘Dalia experiences’ that are implemented in the different working areas, where THINGS HAPPEN.

The Team

We are an interdisciplinary, passionate team who has mastered diverse fields of expertise. We strongly believe that the relevance of living in an equitable world is not only a matter of human rights and social justice, but also a business matter that we aim to grow as an asset to the world we live in.

How do we do it?

We are building a global community of women and allies, and we offer networking, mentoring, and advisory services

We create best in class learning experiences – in all formats (in person, online, and blended) – for individuals and organizations

We inspire women and create global awareness with smart content for powerful women

We use gender, race, diversity & inclusion data to collaborate with companies and organizations to become the best workplace for women and diversity groups.

What makes us different

Global community of women and allies: We are a community of 30,000+ people in the world.

Expertly designed 360 solution: World-class programs designed by experts.

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Experts: 3+ years focused on closing the gender gap and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Smart Content for Powerful Women: Quality content to inspire and create global awareness.